Charter Services

 Wow your guests and take them on a ride through Vermont's scenic      countryside with our charter services!
 -No more boring business functions
 -No more typical birthday parties
 -No more stressful family reunions
 -No more basic rehearsal dinners
 -No running out of ideas for anniversaries
  We will make your event one that your guests will NEVER forget!

Nate Photography

Our passenger equipment is available year-round for chartered trips, special events, and movie filming. Trains can depart from easily accessible locations throughout our system. Our classic turn-of the century and steam lined era equipment have a variety of interior configurations: coach, parlor, lounge, and table (dining) car. Whatever your needs, the experienced Vermont Rail System Passenger Department representatives will be there to ensure your charter runs smoothly, helping you every step of the way from booking to departure. 
Vermont Rail System has successfully handled groups, tours, and events of all types. Our flexible charter services and group rates will allow you to add a private car to one of our scheduled trains or rent an entire train on the day of your choosing. We'll choose the equipment that best suits your needs and provide a professional, fully qualified crew. You will have the freedom to handle your own reservations and ticketing. VRS staff can also recommend entertainment and caterers that will help complete your event planning. 

Nate Photography



The Vermont Rail Systems charter services provide a very unique and classy venue or transportation option for special events and weddings. With Vermont being such a beautiful state as it is, being able to take your guests on an old fashioned train ride creates a timeless and beautiful memory that is guaranteed to be one that will never be forgotten. The Vermont Rail System has over 350 miles of track available throughout the year for our charter services. We offer breath taking views, a fun and safe way to travel, dine and party. We also have a very personable, certified train crew, who are very flexible and will do whatever it takes to make your day exactly what you hoped for. With the privacy of having your own train, we are also able to provide a safe, legal and unique opportunity for photographers to take photos on the rails and with the train that would otherwise be illegal and dangerous without proper consent and safety precautions provided by the railroad. On your day, the railroad is yours and we will make it the most unique and talked about wedding your guests will ever go to.   

Examples of Charters 

Nate Photography

Tom & Giovanna
Giovanna and Tom were married in June of 2015. They were married in Chester Vermont, an area that is very close to Giovanna's heart. Her family owned a vacation home near Okemo Mountain where she and her bridal party prepared for their special day. The Tom and the men got ready in a separate location at the Mountain. The couple requested for their wedding party and all of their guests to meet at the Ludlow Train Depot, where they had their first look on the tracks. They then took the train from Ludlow Depot to the Williams River House in Chester, where they were married and had their reception. After the ceremony and reception they all took the train back to Ludlow for a safe after party commute.  

"We, along with our guests, our families, and our bridal party, could not have had more fun on the Green Mountain Flyer! We chartered the historic train to take us from Ludlow, Vermont to our wedding venue in Chester, Vermont and back again at the end of the night. The train provided us with such a unique experience that all our friends and family still comment on it almost a year later. Everyone had a blast. As we rolled along, people stopped along the route to cheer and wish us well. It was a day we will never forget. Since we were the only train the route that day, we were able to take pictures on the tracks legally and safely. Our photographer, Nate, did an incredible job. The Green Mountain Railroad staff was amazing. They made our day absolutely spectacular from letting us take over the PA system to play music to decorating the train for our wedding. They accommodated our every desire. We enthusiastically recommend the Green Mountain Railroad for any special occasion!"

- Giovanna Urist and Thomas Guiler

Bus Tours

Give your group the chance to experience Vermont at a more leisurely pace! Parking areas at our stations allow people to go right from the bus to the train. Especially popular during foliage season so reserve your charter early!

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties of all ages are welcome on the train. Plan a special Birthday dinner. Celebrate with drinks and music or plan a fun themed Birthday for the kiddos! We can help you plan a Birthday that nobody will forget! "I had my 13th Birthday Party on the train. Out of all the Birthday Parties I had growing up, it was the most memorable, and I have friends who still talk about it today!" - Niki, 22


There couldn't be a more perfect way to celebrate an anniversary with your family than to take them on a train ride! We have couples that come back every year to ride the same train they got married on. Talk about something special!

Weddings/ Receptions

Weddings in Vermont are beautiful! In such a romantic state we will take your wedding party on a countryside train ride. It is a perfect venue for fall weddings, or Winter Wonderland themed weddings. Get married on the train, use the train as a shuttle to your venue, have your reception on the train or even your rehearsal dinner. We are here to make your wedding special and unique.

Corporate Events

Hop on our train and have fun while doing business. Yes, we did put the words business and fun in the same sentence. VRS trains can accommodate special meetings with our business car, company get-a-ways, or help you celebrate special milestones for your business. A train ride can also provide an additional customer attraction during special sales or promotions!

School Field Trips

Teach students about transportation, railroad history, view nature, or travel to a museum or historical location along our railroad. With stations in many Vermont towns we may be only a short bus ride away from your school! Train rides are a great way to engage children in learning. To go above and beyond, schedule an operation life saver event right on the train to educate both children and adults about the importance of train safety.

Special Events/ Fundraisers

Vermont Rail System can help you host holiday events such as Christmas trains, Easter trains, Halloween/ Fall Event trains, New Years trains, Mardi Gras trains, you name it! If you have an organization you would like to raise money for, this is a very unique and special way to do it. Trains are a great way to get people involved with charitable causes. Some familiar charity charters include:
Vermont Childrens Trust Foundation (The Polar Express)
The Ronald McDonald House (The Jingle Bell Express)

Family Reunions 

Running out of ideas for places to have a get together with the whole family? We can accommodate small and large families on our trains to have fun while enjoying a tour of Vermont's countryside. Bring entertainment and catering on board to enhance your family get together!

The Cider House Rules, 1999

Movie, TV, and Commercial Filming

Tobey Maguire, Cider House Rules, 1999

        Vermont Rail System equipment and the wide variety of scenery available along our routes provide filmmakers with the perfect backdrop when shooting on-location rail scenes for movies, TV, shows, or commercials. VRS equipment has appeared in several feature Hollywood films, as well as appearances in local productions. Major Motion pictures filmed along our lines include: The Cider House Rules, Ethan Frome, Moonlight & Mistletoe, and, Me, Myself & Irene. Our two distinct styles of equipment allow for shooting periods set in the early or late 1900's. We can provide conductors and engineers whose input or involvement can make shots look authentic. Additionally, we have freight equipment and location backdrops such as rail yards, engine houses, or stations to enhance the look or feel of any scene. 
       Our skilled crews have experience with the rigors of production, and will work with you to get the shot right while keeping you on-schedule. VRS staff will ensure that any filming, especially when involving moving equipment, is done safely.
Prime Rail Events is an event planning company that specifically handles Train Events in the Burlington area. If you would like help with planning an event that requires food and entertainment please visit their link below. Prime Rail Events and the VRS will work together to make sure your event is special and unique in every way.