Frequently Asked Questions

Please look for the answers to your questions below to help us reduce the ammount of phone traffic during our busy season.
If you have further questions please call 800-707-3530.Ā 

  1. Pets
    Q: Can I bring my dog? A: We do not allow animals on the trains. We have allowed them in the past, and although most were well behaved, we run into problems where other passengers are not comfortable with the animals. However, Service Animals (animals trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability) are welcome on board.
  2. Food
    Q: Do you serve food on board? A: On our regular scheduled trips, we have a snack bar and beverages for sale on board, serving items from our local food co-op. We have a variety of box lunch choices in the area or you can bring a picnic lunch on board. Some of our special train rides may have food included. This will be noted under the ride description. Q: Can we bring food on board? A: Yes, you may bring food on board. We allow eating on board in our tables cars. These are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Dinner Train
    Q: Is there a dress code? A: Our dress code for the Dinner Train is dress/casual. A nice pair of jeans without holes, and a dress shirt will do just fine. We do require closed toe shoes on all of our train rides to avoid risk of injury. Heeled shoes are also not recommended for this reason. Q: Do I need to make reservations A: Absolutely, please call 800-707-3530 to make your dinner train reservations. Q: Can we see the foliage. A: Due to the time of day and time of year, it will get dark during the duration of your train ride. We offer discounted scenic train ride tickets for the Thursday before or Saturday after the Dinner Train for our dinner train guests.
  4. Alcoholic Beverages
    Q: Can we bring alcohol on the train? A: Unless you have chartered an event that is catered by a licensed caterer we do not allow alcoholic drinks on board. Q: Is alcohol ever allowed on board? A: We were able to successfully change the Vermont Liquor Laws in 2010 to allow us to hold wine and micro-brew beer tastings on the train. Unless you are signed up for one of those events, or are chartering the train for your own event, we do not allow it on board.
  5. Restrooms
    Q: Are there bathrooms on board the train? A: There are bathrooms on the trains and at the stations in both Chester and Burlington. We have bathrooms on board during the summer events and the fall until freezing weather occurs.
  6. Tickets
    Q: How do I purchase tickets? A: You may purchase tickets online from our home page or in person at the station, generally one hour prior to departure on the day of an event. Q: What about dinner train tickets or First Class tickets? A: You may call 800-707-3530 for these tickets in specific to make reservations. Q: Are Fall Foliage Tickets available? A: Yes! All of our train rides tickets are for sale beginning in January of each year. At the very bottom of the ticket page you will see an option to go to the next page, typically the Fall trains can be found on the 2nd, and 3rd page. Q: When should we arrive to purchase tickets? A: We suggest at least one half hour prior to departure
  7. Payment
    Q: How can I pay for my tickets? A: We take Master Card, Visa, and Discover for online ticketing and in addition we accept cash (and credit for fall foliage rides) at the stations ticket window. Phone reservations may also be made between 7AM and 4PM Monday-Friday please call 800-707-3530 Q: Can I use a card on board the train? A: We are CASH ONLY for any inquiries made on board the train this includes: Concession, Dinner Train gratuity and alcoholic beverage bar.
  8. Will Call
    Q: Where is will call? A: Will Call for all trips out of Burlington will be located off the Burlington bike path at One Main Street in Burlington. Sometimes we will set up the ticket table right on board the train, please see a railroad representative upon arrival for further assistance. Will call for all trips out of Chester will be available for pickup Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from the Chester Depot at 535 Depot Street Chester VT from 9AM-3PM during the Fall Foliage season. For special event they will be available to pick up one hour prior to departure.
  9. Tickets
    Q: Where can I pick up my will call tickets? A: Tickets will be available at the station of your departure on the day of the event available for pickup at least one hour prior to your departure time. Q: When does the ticket office open? A: Tickets are available to purchase online by our ticket page, over the phone or in person. Tickets are available in the Chester Station during the fall foliage season from 9AM tp 5PM Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Please call 800-707-3530 for Green Mountain Dinner Train or First Class Tickets. For any train out of Burlington, tickets will be available one hour before the train near the station in Burlington. If other ticket arrangements are required, please call 800- 707-3530 for assistance between the hours of 7am and 4pm Monday-Friday.
  10. Reservations
    Q: Are reservations required A: The Green Mountain Dinner Train is reservation only, by phone (800-707-3530). During the foliage season, unless you are a large group, reservations are not necessary. However, we do recommend reservations on any trains during our busy season especially with groups of 5 or more. Note: any tickets for chartered events, please visit the charters' website for information. Q: What about for the Fall trips? A: You may purchase your tickets at the station up to 15 minutes before departure time. You do not necessarily need reservations. If you would like a guarantee, please order your tickets online.
  11. Pricing
    Q: Is there a one way rate? A: No, one way rates are offered with the exception of those traveling with a bicycle. One way fares are offered at all locations if you are planning to take the train in one direction and then ride your bicycle, walk or kayak on the return trip. Q: Do you offer discounts? A: We offer special discounts on various days for seniors, active military, and AAA. These discounts are not available for online ticketing and will only be offered at the ticket window the day of travel. During foliage season, coupons will be provided in select hotels for guests staying in the area. Green Mountain Dinner Train tickets may not be discounted.
  12. Kids
    Q: Is the train appropriate for small children? A: Our train rides are great for children of all ages. We do request that all children are accompanied by an adult during the entire trip. As with all moving vehicles, heads and hands are to stay inside the vehicle at all times. Please take the necessary precautions during extreme hot weather with infants, and elderly on board. Our coaches are not air conditioned. Small children are not recommended to ride on the dinner trains or the adult entertainment trains.
  13. Handicap Access
    Q: Are the trains handicap accessible? A: We have a wheelchair lift at the boarding location in Chester Vermont and Burlington Vermont. We do not have lifts at some of our remote charter locations, the Montshire Museum, Lyndonville, Manchester, White River, Middlebury, Charlotte and Shelburne. Some of our trains, because of their vintage nature, do not accommodate wide wheel chairs. Most door opening are approximately 25" wide. Please call for specifications if required. If the Green Fleet is being used in a train consist, the occupant must be able to move from their wheel chair to a different seat due to our vintage car seating. For the Green Mountain Dinner Train, all chairs are movable and can be replaced by a wheel chair. Please make sure the brakes are set.
  14. Parking
    Q: Is there parking at the station? A: There will be parking available at most of our locations on a first come first serve basis. Q: Do we need to pay for parking? A: Parking is free and there are ample parking spaces available in Chester, Shelburne and Charlotte. Burlington may require paid parking by the waterfront. Please ask prior to arrival if you have a large vehicle and we will assist you in finding a parking location.
  15. Cancellations
    Q: What is your cancellation policy? A: You can cancel seven days prior to any trip and receive a full refund except for the Green Mountain Dinner Train. You can cancel ten days prior to the Green Mountain Dinner Train to receive a full refund. Groups are required to have a $100.00 non-refundable deposit unless trip is cancelled 45 days prior to travel. Q: Can I exchange my ticket for a different date? A: Yes you may, as long as the train ride you would like to exchange for is not showing sold out, you may exchange them for a different date and time if necessary up until the day of the originally purchased ticket date.
  16. Missed Train Rides
    Q: What happens if I miss my train ride? A: Much like a plane, the train departs when it is scheduled. Due to having more than one trip a day during the fall, the train must stay on schedule. We request that you arrive at least 1/2 hour before departure time ex. for a train that departs at 10:00am, arrive at 9:30am. The train will board at 9:45. If you happen to miss the train, tickets may not be refunded. If you miss the train during our foliage season, you may ride the next train available if not sold out. No refunds or rescheduling options will be given for a missed dinner train due to inconvenience for the chef. Please plan accordingly to be at your train in time. Please plan ahead if the weather permits to do so, we run in all weather and will not delay the train ride due to weather.
  17. Area
    Q: Are there restaurants within walking distance from the station? A: All locations offer great dining, shopping and site seeing opportunities within walking distance. We provide a map for all passengers riding our excursion trains.
  18. Where
    Q: Do you run out of Bellows Falls A: We no longer depart from Bellows Falls unless specifically requested for a chartered event. Q: Do you run out of White River Junction aka the "White River Flyer" A:We no longer depart from White River unless specifically requested for a chartered event. ***All Scheduled Trains depart from Chester Depot or Burlington's Union Station